The Omega Club

So you want to be an omega slave?

Let’s face it, most men think submission is convincing Women to enact their own fantasies and prance around reciting from a sub-authored script.

omega slaves however, are a special breed of slave. they sacrifice, they suffer, they strive to serve selflessly and please. whether they serve Professional Dominants, in a Female led relationship, participate in a tinder transaction, or submit to the sadist of their desires…they seek to satisfy Her needs over their own.

Read over the following mission statement to make sure you completely agree and believe you can comply. It is not easy to be an omega slave if your heart is not in the right place…be sure and honest with yourself before attempting to apply.

is this you?

Still here? Impressive…here are some top line rules for you to contemplate:

the rules

  1. orgasm is not an option for an omega slave
  2. an omega slave is completely selfless in their service
  3. the omega slave is 100% patient at all times
  4. the omega slave constantly strives to hone their skills to be more useful
  5. an omega slave is prompt in their response to requests

The Omega Club utilizes the theories and insight from Molecular Domination and its purpose is to manipulate your brain in ways that make servitude and slavery your obsession.

Be Ready for Strict Orgasm Denial

Orgasm Denial is a tenet of membership in The Omega Club. omega slaves are kept in constant denial to ensure their dopamine levels and motivation are always elevated. Yes, this is untenable. But it is required. You will get used to it. Otherwise you are just another wanker aren’t you?

Please see the Molecular Domination chapter on dopamine to understand the different types of dopamine activity and how the system and/or a Dominant will be manipulating you.

slaves whose dopamine levels are methodically managed are especially attentive, pliable, and eager to serve any Dominant members of The Omega Club.

The Omega Club Toolset

The following are just some of the tools that will be used to control and manipulate you:

Daily Monitoring

The Omega Club system will monitor your daily progress. An email is sent everyday to collect your activity and you are required to fill each survey honestly and completely. Your masturbation, edging, and orgasm status will be tracked and available for inspection by Dominants of your choosing.

Your denial will thus be very closely monitored. Mistakes happen, and you will have them from time to time. The most important thing is that you are honest with the system as it will be helping you along the way to get back on the horse. Your progress will be available for Dominants to inspect and even change your edging and denial requirements. The more honest you are, the more appropriate and powerful feedback you will receive.

Stroke Modules

From time to time, the system or a Dominant will send you a stroke module. Stroke modules are mandatory masturbation exercises you must perform within 24 hours of receipt.

Each stroke module is a repetitive video with an instructional core that is repeated 15 times. Some stroke modules will require that you start and stop edging, some will require you to edge continually, among many other variations. If for ANY reason you cannot complete an entire module (e.g. you go so close to cumming you had to stop) then you need to remember the # rep that you stopped on and report it to the system. The system will follow up with an email asking for the results of each stroking module, and it will ask you to enter the rep # last completed. (For those of you paying attention, that would be the # you stopped on minus 1 🙂 )

Dominants and slaves can apply for membership here:

For Dominants:

Subliminal Priming Programs

Dominants can utilize subliminal programming to embed words and ideas of their choosing in your brain without you knowing it. These will be sent to you from time to time based on activity seen in your monitoring data and potentially Dominants who find your profile interesting.

The subliminal priming videos are based on actual research studies referenced in the Molecular Domination handbook.

Keep slaves at a distance but on a short leash

slaves are needy. The good thing is that you can use that energy to your own benefit. If you are attempting to cultivate many of them, they can be difficult to manage. Whether your slave is living in your home, someone you meet occasionally, or a addicted stable of chronic masturbators you control professionally over the internet, The Omega Club will allow you to control your slaves utilizing science-based methods with ease.

Maximize the Right Kind of Attention

The Omega Club videos are crafted with instructions that keep your slave focused on you and the things you want them to do for you. It uses their lust for you to addict them to obey, to think about you, to perform for you, to serve you.

If you are a professional Mistress, it creates a recurring need within them without you having to lift a finger. It can help prepare them for your next session by dictating things they must do, amped up edging and denial so they are completely desperate when they show up…and the hook of you stays deep in their minds till they can see you again.

If you are a professional Mistress and content creator, it will most certainly become a permanent advertisement to purchase more of your clips. Develop an army of servants and increase the likelihood of more incremental revenue.

If you are on the prowl for transnational scene’ing with submissive males…this can be used to set them in the right state of mind prior and after your visit.

In a Female Led Relationship, the system can be used to organize their daily tasks, goals, and even to require they learn new skills you would like them to have (e.g. forced studying of culinary arts, in depth cleaning protocols, the science of massage…)

Efficient Use of Content

If you are a content provider, videos can utilize spinets to create derivative content advertising/luring them to your main content.

Dominant’s Dashboard

slaves can give permission to a Dominant to have access to their personal dashboard showing their progress in the system. System instructions can be altered by the Dominant to require an increase or decrease in masturbation and other tasks to ‘tune’ a slave’s neurotransmitter profile to the type of slave they wish them to be.

Dominant Badges

Dominants who control an omega slave receive award badges that appear and disappear as per their slaves performance against their requirements.

Grading & Report Cards

Dominants can grade their slaves performance daily along with brief feedback to keep them pointed in the right direction.