Everything in moderation, including moderation.” – Oscar Wilde

i had been engaging in short bouts of orgasm denial lasting on average about 2-3 days at a time; even the occasional week, when the idea for this book arrived. my record at the time, was a total of 30 days. i had always been fascinated by the intensity i experienced edging and decided i wanted to finally take it to an extreme, prolong it, get inside it so i could ultimately explain it. i spent 6 months in orgasm denial, using the experience to motivate myself to research, experiment, and create this work. but i don’t mean to be misleading; i was and still am an arousal enthusiast not a scientist.

i hope though, this perverted ‘picture book’ is a saving grace; that perhaps i have been ‘productive’ with these indulgent activities. even when i started masturbating with great frequency in my college years…i always wanted my actions to be poetic in some way…i wanted to be an orgasm artist…not just a creepy guy addicted to porn…i hope you find the effort here worthy of that self declaration. the materials here are meant to enable Dominant Women to understand and develop different strategies for play with their submissive subjects.

prior to starting this project…erotic poetry was my primary outlet. for many years i wrote profusely to express my subjective experience. i felt that as long as i was using arousal to write, then my time and addiction were part of a creative process. and, hopefully, my efforts would yield words worthy of other’s eyes…depictions of my intensity were intended to show the elegance possible through arousal and especially lust. but mostly they are an exploration for me…of the architecture of want. poetry however, was not the right vehicle to convey the material presented here.

the experience of being aroused for very prolonged periods of time without relief is as fascinating as it is addictive. the afterglow of carrying that need throughout a day just makes life that much more interesting for me. everything becomes vibrant and stimulating during periods of denial…and my mind is constantly in conceptual horseplay with everything around me. surely, i thought, this massive, magical energy could be tapped, induced, modified…

in parallel, i have also always been interested in sound frequencies. when i first heard about binaural beats, the idea that you could ‘tune’ the brain to a certain frequency by applying specifically designed sound to each ear, the idea was immensely profound to me. my underlying interest was primarily about the ability for an external act to manipulate one’s brain state…but once i wrapped my head around that idea i immediately began fantasizing about being bound, gagged, and controlled via sound being administered by a sadistic practitioner…always about the kink with me…but i needed to know: could you tune a brain…could you create sexual arousal with just sound? could you edge someone by applying certain frequencies? what other kinds of experience could you create?

that was the basis for my pursuit to discover what was really happening in the brain. when i learned of the word ‘Reduction-ism’ i began to wonder if what happens in the brain is actually the ultimate end-game of any external stimulation…even more than the body…could one induce or enhance an intense experience…what kinds of things could be done that essentially act as a drug upon a subject without even touching them?

that is essentially what this handbook is all about; providing an understanding of what is actually happening inside our grey matter when you stimulate it regardless of the method of stimulation. it is a template of sorts for you to play with and see what you can do. if a nipple is rubbed, the brain releases dopamine and pleasure is experienced, if a cock is stroked, dopamine is released in a greater amount, thus greater pleasure…and we want more of it…because brains motivate us to seek continued pleasures. thus it all made sense: if you are denied orgasm but provided continued stimulation…you could be kept in a state of constant arousal and need…always seeking more. this idea completely intoxicates me.

this set of information hopefully connects the dots of stimulation to the neural activity that corresponds with that stimulation. it is a set of tools and knowledge to allow you to manipulate your subjects in various ways to obtain whatever goals your perverted minds’ devise. it requires thought and planning but hopefully does not stifle spontaneity…but is meant to be a guide on how to optimize your interactions.

all or most of the data depicted here, was derived or cited directly from actual scientific research studies done on the brain; in rats, humans, and other animals. i am not a scientist, but a hobbyist, so this should not be considered gospel or a true scientific reference.

to add validity though, and to also satisfy my own curiosity, i have run experiments on myself with some of these ideas and methods. the ‘My Plight’ section attempts to depict various measurements of my state experiencing various forms of stimulation inspired by the subject matter at hand.

i hope you enjoy the material and that it provides you devious fun in your own play…