Chapter 8 – The Range of Arousal

Understanding the male experience…so you can exploit it.

Someday perhaps I can update this with a woman’s perspective, preferably penned by a woman. However, for now, I can only convey what I know…about the anatomy I have.

As much as men seem to exude only a single note of thrusting need…the male sexual experience is actually widely varied…and as you grow older, it becomes even more complex. When you are young, there really is mostly one volume when aroused…loud. Young, sensitive males can certainly become more virtuosic with the arc of their sexual response playing with experimental partners and enough time spent with their own learning hands. There is much to discover in the wide range of arousal through mindful masturbation. 

However, a wider range of nuances, at least for me, grew as I became older and the combination of patience, knowledge, and physical changes in the body and neurochemistry evolve…the experiences become much more interesting, exciting, but at times, they are also frustrating in their own right.

The main point of me interjecting language here, is that I felt it important to note, that intense arousal can exist even when the penis isn’t rock hard. There are many states in between. Especially when kept in denial. When I was in denial for 6 months, without any orgasms at all…there were times, even when I was soft, that the lightest rubbing felt like I was edging. Further, there a peaks and valleys even when fully erect…some of the peaks can be overwhelming unique experiences that should be standard on bucket lists.

This next section is meant to show at least some of the different sensational sensations I discovered along with the ones that are already known to most.

It is often good to put names to things so they are that much easier to achieve and manipulate :).