Chapter 6 – Testosterone

Testosterone Molecule

Testosterone is a sex hormone. While dopamine levels train the brain on pleasure and the desire of it, testosterone is what focuses that motivation on sex. It steers the brain directly on wanting sexual arousal vs. other types of pleasure like food, alcohol, and other stimulation associated with phasic dopamine release.

Testosterone on its own, increases dopamine release. When it is depleted, dopamine release is as well. If you want to increase sexual desire, testosterone is the bullseye.

Luckily, there are many ways to increase testosterone. In fact, testosterone increases and decreases all on its own throughout a 24 hour day and additionally a cycle that repeats each week. You can essentially take advantage of a number of natural testosterone “peaks” and “valleys” by simply understanding these cycles:

Testosterone Circadian Rhythm in Men

Testosterone levels rise and lower in a pattern. Each morning at 6am, testosterone is at its peak. Peak levels are generally 20 – 30% greater than the lowest level of the day which occurs around 6pm each evening. The older the subject, the less dramatic the swing, the younger the larger difference there is between lows and highs. Men over 70 for instance, see a range of about 10% difference with younger men in their 20’s seeing a 30% swing!

In addition to the daily cycle, there is a weekly cycle. On the seventh day of abstinence, testosterone levels spike! They continue to spike on every seventh day as long as denial is maintained.

J Zhejiang Univ Sci. 2003 Mar-Apr;4(2):236-40.

So you can really have an enormous amount of fun observing sexual frustration at 6:00AM on the seventh day of denial.

Any release, either ruined orgasms or full ones, reduces the level of testosterone.

Orgasm Denial and its impact on Testosterone Levels

Perpetual denial maintains an elevated testosterone level. The results below are from a research study that measured testosterone levels at the start of a three week program. As you can see from the black line on the chart below, subjects that were abstinent for three weeks had elevated levels over those that had recently had an orgasm.

Sapienza P, Zingales L, Maestripieri D. Gender differences in financial risk aversion and career choices are affected by testosterone. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2009;106(36):15268–15273. doi:10.1073/pnas.0907352106

The sexual tension of the denial is often harnessed by different cultures as a way to cultivate energy and vitality. Because denial increases testosterone, and in turn dopamine, it creates a state of motivation not chemically achievable without it.

The Taoists prescribe very interesting methods of orgasm control ranging from the number of times a man should ejaculate based on his age to seasonal control. Master Liu Ching taught that men should not ejaculate at all during the winter season, and only in the spring have a maximum of one orgasm every three days!


You can easily accelerate your subject’s testosterone level during denial by enforced edging without relief. You can achieve the 7 day peak in just two to three days with consistent edging.