Chapter 1 – a quick 1-2-3…

The brain is a frontier as vast and mysterious as deep space or the inner workings of quantum physics. Even though its mysteries far outweigh our current knowledge…much has been learned much about its mechanics.

The brain is made up of billions of neurons organized by function. Neurons are like electrical wires and there are over 100 Billion of them in the body. They bring word to and from neurons all throughout the body to the brain. If you stub your toe, that signal travels on a neuron literally 15 feet in length to trigger another neuron in the brain with the “message” that you stubbed your toe.

A neuron has two unique features on each end: an Axon and a Dendrite. The Axon stores a supply of chemicals called neurotransmitters and the Dendrite is essentially a sensor looking to absorb them. Neurons ‘speak’ to each other – or turn each other ‘on’ by secreting a neurotransmitter.

When you are touched, neurons carry that signal from that location to the brain, and the axons on the other end of the brain secrete their neurotransmitter and thus: the brain is notified. The brain reacts, and the ‘experience’, along with any other instructions the brain has for the body, begins.

Key Neurotransmitters & Hormones

Key neurotransmitters to control pleasure and obsession

So you could say, that experience is thus the current mix of one’s neurotransmitter cocktail at any moment in time.

While neurons and neurotransmitters signal and create experience in the brain, hormones are also powerful influences. Hormones too are chemicals produced by different glands but send their signals through the circulatory system. In an instant, they can change our attitude, motivation, and mood.

Both neurotransmitters and hormones are impacted by stimuli and are manipulated in many ways. Each neurotransmitter and hormone can impact experience in very specific ways. Dopamine for example, is the governor of pleasure and motivation. While serotonin influences happiness and obsession.

Knowing what each neurotransmitter is capable of and how to manipulate them allow Dominants to essentially “author” their subject’s experience. So…what’s your favorite cocktail?