Orgasms happen in the brain” – D. Linden

When you close your eyes and feel a breeze across your face…is it your skin or your brain that feels pleasure?

Satisfaction, resolve, accomplishment, arousal, pleasure, are all experiences resulting from input from one or more sources. These sources of stimulation, one or more of the five senses for example, are processed by our brain which ultimately satisfy us in such a way that we seek to repeat our actions to have that feeling again. And again. And again.

The brain is the ultimate determinant and deliverer of what we experience as pleasure. Whether it is a cool breeze, the taste of chocolate, caress of a nipple, a fantasy daydream, or direct genital stimulation, the brain receives all of it as electrical impulses and reacts accordingly.

The brain reacts to stimulation by secreting certain types of chemicals called neurotransmitters, that induce an experience. Different neurotransmitters create different types of experiences, sensations, and feelings.

If one were to blow softly into your ear (assuming in a non-annoying but ‘pleasurable’ way 😀) the nerve endings of your earlobe might tingle sending shivers down your spine…and the signal to your brain is interpreted and you have the experience of pleasure and perhaps even sexual arousal.

If one were to then gently use their tongue on the lobes of your ear…it might further increase your arousal. If they stroked your genitals directly…your arousal may spike as you elevated into a full sexual response pattern most of us all share as humans.

If your partner then whispered into your ear fantasies for you to imagine as they touched your genitals, your brain would then be contending with multiple points of stimulation: the air from their breath, the direct genital stimulation, and the words that fostered images…all that spawning activity inside your brain increases chemical secretions, creating a unique inner experience for you in reaction to those simulations.

You are the maestro of your partner’s experience. And you have more than one baton at your disposal. You have many orchestras you can employ – all at the same time. In unique combinations, for cacophony or melody, euphoria or torment.

Regardless of the stimulation type – air blowing on ear, genital stimulation, or the touch of nipple – they all get translated into electrical signals sent through nerves to the brain. Inside the brain – chemicals are released based on these signals like dopamine which can create both motivation to seek more of that stimulation and/or pleasure. Dopamine is the same chemical released when one takes certain types of drugs like cocaine.  So one way of thinking about sensory manipulation is that you are essentially delivering a cocktail of drugs to the brain through your actions. So where is the experience really occurring? Experts and research shows very clearly that the ‘experience’ of an orgasm is in the brain. The materials in this book are meant to give you and be thought of as a direct connection to these mechanisms.

There is a battery of neurochemicals and hormones that are excreted in the brain based on the introduction or removal of certain types of stimulation. Molecular Domination is about manipulating these neurotransmitters to a symphony that you write by understanding how to fire them up or cool them down.

This is all very sciency I know – however, it is not meant to mechanize romance, or place the art of seduction into a formula to execute…but by simply knowing this information it may just make you want to design and control stimulation to blow your lover’s mind…it might just enable you to start playing chess instead of checkers.

All that said…in the BDSM world…where experiences are already orchestrated by one person meant to delight or rock-the-world of another…this information I believe, can be very useful in fine tuning the approach.

For instance, did you know that a reduction of serotonin induces obsession? Serotonin levels are reduced by the absence of light. If you place a subject in darkness then…their thoughts will narrow…perhaps on something you want them to be thinking about.


It was Aristotle who delineated the five senses: Taste, Touch, Smell, Sight, and Sound. Neurologists debate the comprehensiveness of this list of senses as should we! As a practitioner of Molecular Domination – there is so much more. Let me explain:

One of the most overlooked sense is thought. Words have the power to unlock thought or activity in the brain that can create arousal as powerful as touch itself. The words chosen to whisper into another’s ear…can deliver aphrodisiac qualities of galactic proportion. Context is everything.

Having a sense of time is thought to be a grounding and important constant in our conscious experience. Manipulating one’s sense of time can have altering effects to awareness of reality itself.

Probably the most debated, yet a most relevant sense is pain. Most thought of as part of the spectrum of touch, pain has unique qualities across individuals that can produce different types of brain chemistry reactions depending on the subject. In some people, pain releases the same dopamine levels and ignites the same areas of the brain to become active as those experiencing pleasure. Understanding specifically how pain is experienced in your receiver is critical to understanding how to employ or avoid it in your Molecular Domination pursuits.

Of course there are many already innately talented in the art of seduction. BDSM’ers are well equipped through experience with an intuitive understanding of lure and sensation. Still, I contend that even a most basic reductionist understanding of the brain’s chemical mechanics will enhance any practitioner.

The current edition of ‘Molecular Domination’ focuses mostly on controlling arousal, using denial as a tool to attenuate behavior by controlling the amount of dopamine in your subject’s brain. I confess that the material is that way due to my own proclivities and interest. Pain is poorly covered and I know of primary interest to many practicing BDSM, and so perhaps I can cover that in more depth in a future edition.

There is quite a bit of information on what males experience and the different types of arousal which can misinterpreted by an observer…again, I focused on what I know and my own interests…but certainly there is a need to provide this information in the context of the submissive female.

I am also attempting to introduce the idea that thinking of stimulation as creating a signal to the brain – one can begin entertaining non-touch methods to do so. I spent many many hours reviewing research showing neurotransmitter responses to non-touch stimuli – including sound, eye movement, and thought as mentioned above. These ideas while experimental, are where I think the greatest breakthroughs can be had in creating new and unique experiences.


After hopefully introducing you to the neurotransmitters, how they work, and how to manipulate them – I have tried to explain the ways that behaviour modification research has utilized this same information to learn how to motivate, arouse, and control behaviour. I touch upon the skinner experiments that demonstrated the creation of compulsive behaviour, automatic reactive behaviours, and the potential for neuroplasticity impact to make changes in the brain survive through repetition and training.

Lastly, I do share experiments I conducted upon myself to try to measure my own dopamine levels and I offer how to conduct this not very scientific methodology with your own play partner.

This is very much a living, breathing, working document…all input, positive or negative is most appreciated as I continue to wrestle with how best to convey this information to others.