Control your slave

Your slave is monitored daily and asked to report his masturbation activity. This graph shows you how many times he masturbated each day for the last ten days. It should match perfectly with the masturbation requirements you have given your slaveā€¦unless of course they are misbehaving.

When you send your slave a stroke module, it is essentially determining how aroused they are, or how much dopamine is present in their brain. Stroking modules require the slave to masturbate to the 1st point where they need to stop or they will cum. The number reflects how many reps they were able to complete before having to stop stroking. This is not sustained edging but a measure of how long it took to get to the precipice one time.

The lower the number, the hornier they were. There will only be data on days they were sent stroking modules. Sending stroking modules achieves two things: 1. it provides a measure of how aroused you have them at one moment in time 2. it increases/maintains their dopamine level.

Sex Drive is the urge to want to stroke or seek arousal. Omega slaves are required to rate their sex drive daily as part of their monitoring by answering this question:

On a scale of 1 to 5 please rate your sex drive today where:

1 = i had to force myself to stroke and 5 = i couldn’t stop thinking about edging all day

These graphs show those ratings and can be used to determine the effect of your programming. Each slave is different, only experimentation can reveal how to control and fluctuate their drive to your will.

Like the sex drive graph above, the blue ball index reflects the slaves answer to the question:

On a scale of 1 to 5 please rate the severity of your blue balls where:

1 = no ache today and 5 = it was horrible!

Change your slave’s programming:

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